Nightlight Bunny
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The Luvion multicolor LED bunny nightlight is designed to glow in a soft and soothing manner. The diffuse light it emits is very easy on the eyes. The light of the nightlight slowly changes to a variety of beautiful colors. You can also set a static color. Suitable for children from 0 months.

The battery of the nightlight lasts up to 10 hours and can be recharged with the unique wireless charging system.

- Wireless charging base
- Batterylife up to 10 hours
- Long life eco LED technology
- One-touch on/off button
- Connect to power socket or USB port
- Soft and cool to the touch housing
- The nightlight starts to glow automatically when it is lifted of the charging base.
- Select one color or let the color change continuously
- Switches off automatically after 15 minutes

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